H. A. Tukker Transport is specialised in the transport of perishable goods like cutflowers, potplants, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish through whole Europe. Other goods, which the company has transported, are medicines, air-cargo, removals and high-graded equipment. complete and partloads to Norways Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Also Swedish and Finlands Lapland

For this has at one’s disposal a frigo-trailer with a capacity of 90 m3 and is suitable for conditioned transportation from –24 ° C until 24 ° C. This isolated trailer has also a loading-lift, temperature registration, pallet-box + transpallet, a detachable partition and a side-door. The inside-size is 13400 x 2490 x 2700 mm. The ground of the Polderweg Oost 2 has place, which is limited, but it gives a possibility for storage and transhipments.

Although Europe seems to become one, there are still big differences per country. The legislation is changing regular too and each country makes its own demands for roadtransport. For that H.A. Tukker Transport is orientated and attempts to follow everything for this.